Fueling Automotive Innovation With the dramatic changes in the global economy, shrinking resources, and fierce competition, the automotive industry is under unprecedented pressure to innovate. The transition to electric cars offers the opportunity to seize a competitive advantage to whoever advances the ball first. Let Materials Design® technology go to work for you. We can help you optimize existing materials, screen new candidates, and unravel questions about their behavior in operational environments. Explore the design options that could put your company at the forefront of the next major automotive innovation.

Where will the next materials breakthrough come from? Whatever the answer will be, innovative materials will play a central role. Here are just a few places where computational materials science fuels the future.

  • Finding viable hydrogen storage materials
  • Improving the capacity and safety of Li batteries
  • Reducing the operating temperature of solid oxide fuel cells
  • Reducing the cost of catalysts containing expensive Pt-group metals
  • Finding more efficient deNOx catalysts
  • Reducing the weight of vehicles by improving the mechanical properties of aluminum
  • Exploring magnesium alloys
  • Increasing energy efficiency of vehicles through the thermoelectric reuse of waste heat.
  • Increasing vehicle safety and comfort with new sensor systems and new air quality control systems.