Drilling and Mining

Uncovering hidden opportunities

From coal to oil and from aluminum to platinum, our world depends on materials that are drilled and mined around the world. Today, as global citizens, there is more awareness of the environmental implications of our behavior. Computational materials science has a critical role to play in developing more environmentally friendly mining and processing techniques. At Materials Design®, we can help you get critical mechanical properties of rocks and minerals, screen candidate for ultra-hard materials, unravel questions about brittleness and fracture, and the optimization of existing materials. Explore the design options that can save you time, money and ultimately could give your company a competitive edge in your industry.

What can Materials Design® do for you? Here are a few ways that we can help you move forward in computational materials science:

  • Reducing brittleness of ultra-hard materials (tungsten carbide)
  • Exploring mechanical properties of rocks under high pressure and temperature
  • Improving environmentally friendly and energy efficient processing