Steel & Metal Alloys

Redefining strength

From glittering skyscrapers to bridges that connect people and commerce, steel and metal alloys are materials that have literally strengthened the world. When infrastructures weaken, it makes the evening news and impacts the lives of many. Computational materials science is a critical component of analyzing the strength and weaknesses of the infrastructure that people and industry count on in the largest cities and the smallest towns. Materials Design® can help you screen candidate materials, unravel questions about specific materials mechanisms and the optimization of existing materials. Explore the design options of steel and metal alloys and strengthen your company’s position.

How can computational materials science strengthen your competitive position? Here are just a few examples of how Materials Design® can work with you to explore steel and metal alloys:

  • Exploring the effect of precipitates on strength and creep of steel
  • Increasing ductility of refractory metals
  • Increasing surface hardness and wear resistance
  • Sticking of aluminum in rolling and stamping
  • Increasing corrosion resistance of Mg alloys