MedeA® Instrument

The MedeA Instrument provides a powerful, integrated platform for atomistic simulations.
State‑of‑the‑art hardware and design bring affordable, high‑performance computing out of the datacenter and into your office.

The MedeA Environment comes preinstalled, completely wired, with a working queuing system, including all the modules you need, tested by our team of experts saving you time and hassle.

The MedeA Instrument has been carefully designed to be quiet enough for your office. It plugs into a standard wall socket, and does not need special cooling – if you are comfortable, then it is too.

The MedeA Instrument provides over 3 TFlop of peak computing power - more power than the
largest supercomputer in the world about 15 years ago!

And since the MedeA Instrument arrives preinstalled, simply unpack it, connect the monitor, keyboard and mouse, plug it in and start modeling at a level you never have before. All from the
comfort of your office or lab - datacenter not included.

Key Benefits

  • Ready to go out-of-the-box.
  • Integrated MedeA Environment, queuing system,
    performance monitoring and optional remote
    access via a VPN preinstalled and configured.
  • Suitable for an office environment:
    • Quiet
    • No special cooling needed
    • Plugs into a standard wall socket
  • The compute power to run more simulations faster.
  • A single contact for complete support of software, operating system and hardware.
  • Installation support and consulting.
  • Continuing scientific and technical support for the entire system, software, operating system and hardware.


  • Runs all simulations available in the MedeA Environment:
    • VASP
    • LAMMPS
    • Gibbs
    • MOPAC
    • Gaussian
  • 80 cores in standard configuration, providing over 1 TFlop of peak power.
  • Able to stand alone, providing a complete solution with no need for a network connection.
  • Or, in network mode you can connect to it from MedeA running on your laptop or desktop.
  • Provides access through a virtual private network (VPN) for secure remote access.
  • Can be expanded past 128 cores by adding additional nodes.

For more information please consult the datasheet.

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