Computational Materials Engineering:
More value from experiments. More innovations.

Seize the Opportunity

In today’s competitive environment, if you don’t innovate, someone else will. Don’t risk being locked out of critical advances because your competitor filed a materials patent before you did. Our materials modeling software and scientific expertise give you a competitive edge to seize the opportunity and improve and innovate your products or processes faster.

Innovation & Reliability

The two go together at Materials Design®. Our software, training and consulting provide the latest and most innovative scientific tools with the reliability that comes from well-tested solutions.

Application-Driven Across Industries.

From Energy to Automotive, we've worked across industries with the world's leading companies to help them meet challenges with Materials Design® innovation. By applying our thinking to a diversified set of industries, our expertise can be applied to everything from hydrogen storage and electronics to alloys, medical devices and prosthetics. Our team knows how to translate science and engineering into results that you can trust.

Where can Materials Design® impact your company's competitiveness?