World-Class Software, Services & Development

Our services help our customers to capitalize on the change in the world with innovative, scientific responses to today's challenges. From predictive software and powerful computational tools to contract research and development services, our team brings your research laboratory the best scientists around the world with expertise in physics, chemistry, materials science, software engineering and materials databases.

Augmenting Your Team

With our software comes one-on-one training that ensures your team will hit the ground running. Our custom contract research and development provides you with additional R&D capabilities to augment your team. We’re known for helping industrial R&D groups identify the best methodologies to solve their problems.

Comparing Notes with the Best

When you work with Materials Design®, you’re part of a distinguished group of global scientists. At our annual meeting, users from around the world come together to compare notes, share best practices, develop relationships and exchange information in a respectful and dynamic community that equally values achievement and scientific integrity.