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Innovation from integration

The journey of MedeA takes you from simulation to analysis to decision. A powerful productivity tool, MedeA brings everything you need together in one place. With MedeA you can calculate all of the materials properties seamlessly, saving you time and putting all the data that you need in your hands.

Change you can calculate

MedeA takes static data and brings it to life, predicting pathways of change. By allowing scientists to calculate materials properties or the changes in those properties, MedeA answers questions about the impact of specific environments on materials. These predictive abilities save time, money and accelerate the innovation of materials for the next major advance.

Power of prediction

Think of the implications of being able to predict the physical and chemical properties of many materials combinations. That is what MedeA can help you do.

Computing power that takes you from data to discovery

MedeA’s JobServer and TaskServer allow you to calculate tens of thousands of cases and centralize the data all in one place. You can also track the progress of any projects that you outsource to other teams. Put 100 years of information and innovation to work for you and move from data to discovery.

Medea’s network architecture helps you to:

  • Search and retrieve over 500,000 entries of materials data.
  • Enable the calculation of tens of thousands of cases.
  • Build models of interfaces between materials with a user-friendly interface.
  • Compute mechanical, thermal, catalytic, electrical and magnetic properties of materials.
  • Visualize and analyze results.
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